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Smashin’ Transistors 67: G’down South

April 26th, 2020



Still have plenty to do before everything is settled in as these are topsy-turvy times, but this is the first episode done in the new digs. Everything made it all in one piece for the most part. Lots of things that were to be put in action are now on hold. Been through it before but still most strange days indeed.

What you'll hear:

RL Burnside – Going Down South

DANA – Chaos Promo

Dale Hawkins – Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town

Toeheads – Anna

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Zurich Cloud Motors -  Motorola Radio

Factrix – Center Of A Doll

Vacant Gardens – Sunlight on Dry Grass

Beauticians – Indecision 

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Vanity – A Seat At The Table

The Feelies – The High Road

The Cowboys – The Human Puzzle

Dusty Mush – The Fog

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The Beeps – The Fire

Pink Drone – Sleeper

Hot Legs – Neanderthal Man

Famous Logs In History – Spoiler Alert 

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Porno Glows -  On and On

Duende! - Because The Thorn

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads – Tomorrow

Lemon Fog - Summer

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