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Smashin’ Transistors 72: And the days grow short

September 2nd, 2020

Did we even have a summer? No gatherings in backyards or beaches. No beer in garages in with pals. The days turn to gold. They grow few.

What you'll hear:

Girls At Our Best – Getting Nowhere Fast 

Flat Worms – Market Forces 
Krystian Quint – Rain 
Photogenic – Destroyer 
-words from your host- 
The Dirts – Going Nowhere 
The Charles – Motorcycle 
Protomartyr – Modern Business Hymns 
Loop – Torched 
-words from your host- 
Lifters – Bird Island Summer Girls 
The Hunches - Your Sick Blooms 
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental – Day Breaks, Night Heals 
Paik – Strange Familiar 
-words from your host- 
Moving Objects – I Wanna Be Your Man 
X - Lipstick 
Devil Town – Rumble 
Honey Bucket – Furniture Days 
-words from your host- 
Sweeping Promises – Falling Forward 
Home Blitz – Final Decay 
Mudhoney – Good Enough 
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Potterville 
-words from your host-
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Smashin’ Transistors 71: Orchestrations of Night Bugs

August 1st, 2020

In the wilds of Michigan’s Thumb, the sounds of the night bugs were mostly crickets. In my new surroundings of North Carolina’s Triangle, there are crickets as well but also many katydids. And for an added attraction right now, we got the cicadas too.  There are a lot of trees surround the digs I dwell. Hearing all of the night bugs going on at once here is a three drone band bill where they are doing some sort of concept set about spaceships landing in a lush green forest.

Though I did not record this episode outside to capture some of those sounds, I seriously did consider it. Perhaps I even will some time down the road.

What you’ll hear:

Jefferson Airplane- Greasy Heart

Obnox – Return Fire
Medium Medium – Further Than Funk Dream

PR Shake – Dust

-words from your host-

Personality Cult - Weigh Down
The Zone V – I Cannot Lie

Hobocop – Home Connect
Celebrity Handshake – Don’t Wanna Talk About It

-words from your host-
Sonic Boom – Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper)

Clock DVA – White Cell
Cool Greenhouse- Life Advice
KeiyaA – RectifiYa
-words from your host-

Fun Time Objects – Emergency Action

The White Wires – Stayed Up Late
Ghoulies- Genetic Flaw

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Messages
-words from your host-

Gimmick – Hiball
Zip It – Gatormouth

RMFC -  Reader
The Pretenders – Mystery Achievement

-words from your host-

Smashin Transistors 70: Virtual Charcoal Briquettes

July 4th, 2020

You know like how around Christmas time, people find those video loops of fireplaces or winter villages and show them on TV screens. Is there one for summer of burgers on the grill? Maybe with the sounds of people laughing and beers being open as the audio track. 

Given how enough morons (following the path of their King Moron) in this country refuse to follow some simple procedures to overcome a pandemic, it may be the closest we can get to having a real backyard barbecue with friends and family for a long time.

What you'll hear:

The Parliaments – All Your Goodies Are Gone 

Royal Trux – Platinum Tips

Duende - Boss Radio

Glen Garrison – City Of Sin

-words from your host-

Primo! – The Present

Vacation – Shelled Pagan

Obnox – She (Was About That Life)

Bardo Pond – Don't Know About You

-words from your host-

CB Radio Gorgeous – Babylon

The Worms – Breeding Ground

No Age – War Dance

Writhing Squares – Sonic Control

-words from your host-

Goldie Dawn – What's Inside (Never Dies)

The Boys -  Soda Pressing

Personalty Cult - Circles

The Romantics – A Night Like This

-words from your host-

Cherry Cheeks – Motivator

Neutrals – No 82

Cretin Girls – Happiness

Secret Mammals – She Likes To Run

-words from your host- 

Smashin’ Transistors 69: Heat

June 11th, 2020

Summer hasn't officially arrived here in the USA but things have gone well over the boiling point in recent weeks. Much of it stems back from a minority of idiots walking in line behind the most moronic of carnival barkers, in hopes that clocks would be set back to more ignorant times.

The healing and fixing process is going to be a long and arduous one but it can be done. We just have to push a little harder for progress against those wishing they could be even more reactionary minded than they currently are.

This episode of Smashin' Transistors offers no solutions to the woes. There's some great sounds in it though.

What you'll hear:

The Kinks – Brainwashed
Pizzicato 5 – It's A Beautiful Day
The Cowboys- The Beige Collection
Hang Nail – Waste Time
-words from your host-
Porno Glows – Constant Abject State
Necessary Evils – Man From Mars
Hobocop – Clone Of A Clone
Little Peppy and the Bare Existence – Since You're Gone
-words from your host-
Bobby Would – Get Off My Bus
Dead Meadow – Let's Jump In
Loose Koozies – Slow Down Time
Tyler Keith – In The Parking Lot
-words from your host-
Don Howland – Sleep In Cars
Vacant Gardens – Open Air
King Brothers – Super X
Red Red Meat – idiot Sun
-words from your host-
Obnox – Scenicide
Laffing Gas – Attitude
PR Shake - Rituals
Poison Idea – The Badge
-words from your host-

Smashin’ Transistors 68: Sleep on your back and ash in your shoes

May 20th, 2020

Congrats to the graduated. Hang on tight. This ride keeps getting bumpier.

What you'll hear.

Blind Boy Fuller – Wires All Down

Devil – Walk Alone

Tyler Keith – Take Me Home

Cheap Trick – Stiff Competition

words from your host

Zip It – Candycorn

Guilty Razors – Hurts + Noises

Mark Vodka Group – All That You've Done For Me

Deaf Aids – Do That Again

words from your host

The Dirts – Prisoner Of Love

Simply Saucer – Electro Rock

Country Teasers – Points Of View

Zurich Cloud Motors – Sunrise Over Milepost 327

words from your host

Hallelujah – Pink Socks

Nazis From Mars – Cosmic Break Up

Datenight – Not Myself Today

Pat and the Pissers – Operator

words from your host

The Worms –  Bad Smell

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Nicotine Stain

The Drags – No Matter What Shape (Your Head Is In)

The Pretty Things – Midnight to Six Man

words from your host 

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Smashin’ Transistors 67: G’down South

April 26th, 2020



Still have plenty to do before everything is settled in as these are topsy-turvy times, but this is the first episode done in the new digs. Everything made it all in one piece for the most part. Lots of things that were to be put in action are now on hold. Been through it before but still most strange days indeed.

What you'll hear:

RL Burnside – Going Down South

DANA – Chaos Promo

Dale Hawkins – Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town

Toeheads – Anna

-words from your host-

Zurich Cloud Motors -  Motorola Radio

Factrix – Center Of A Doll

Vacant Gardens – Sunlight on Dry Grass

Beauticians – Indecision 

-words from your host-

Vanity – A Seat At The Table

The Feelies – The High Road

The Cowboys – The Human Puzzle

Dusty Mush – The Fog

-words from your host-

The Beeps – The Fire

Pink Drone – Sleeper

Hot Legs – Neanderthal Man

Famous Logs In History – Spoiler Alert 

-words from your host-

Porno Glows -  On and On

Duende! - Because The Thorn

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads – Tomorrow

Lemon Fog - Summer

-words from your host-

Smashin’ Transistors 66: Otiose

April 2nd, 2020

Seems I sold my house at the right time but absolutely the wrong time to move. Thing is though, we have to vacate this place and have already have our place in another state waiting.

Seems if there wasn't absurdity, it would not be my life.

We've been following the quarantine rules to a T. But next week we've gotta be "that guy" and drive across four state lines. Ugh.

What you'll hear:

Carl Carlton – Drop By My Place
Vanity – We're Friends
Devil Town – It's Real
Gino and the Goons – Summer Sun
-words from your host-
Hallelujah! - Minipony
Unsane – Black Book
Musclegoose – Who Ate All Of Dilbert's Grapes
The Cowboy – Reach The Beach
-words from your host-
The VertiGos – Kiss Me Good Night
The Great Scots – That's My Girl (Rotten To The Core)
Legumes Sex – Your Shiny Car
Clark Hutchinson – Best Suit
-words from your host-
The Dirts – Can't Stand You (She Said)
Quad Super Six – Floating Absolutely
Rubber Blanket – Log Off
Section 25 – Inspiration
-words from your host-
The Neutrals – Half Shut Knife
Mark Vodka Group - Dreaming
Foster Care – Smart Gas
Mudhoney – Here Comes Sickness

Smashin’ Transistors 65: I was into social distancing before it was cool

March 21st, 2020

The world is in a emergency. The country is being led by a fraud. We're all in this together people. Try not to be a jerk. 

What you'll hear:

Mekons - I'll Have To Dance Then (On My Own)
Current Affairs – Worlds In Crisis
Florida Brothers – Chicken Bucket
Silver Apples – Gypsy Love
-words from your host-
Phone Jerks - Rubberhead
Sherwin – Elusive
Railroad Jerk – Riverboat
Knickers – Old Ladies Summer
-words from your host-
Coke Asian – City Block
Oh! Dirty Fingers – Love Trilogy
Movietone – Useless Landscape
Lavender Flu – Mow The Glass
-words from your host-
Nick Normal – Conversation Piece
Kool and the Gangbangers – Hang Up The Phone
The Mammals – Expanding Heart
Nasal Boys – Hot Love
-works from your host-
Vacation – Tricks In The Big Cat Trade
Laughing Gas – On Your Own
Resource Network – Fast Fashion
Throbbing Gristle – Convincing People
-words from your host-

Smashin’ Transistors 64: Natural Born Raver

March 7th, 2020

Let's say you're dj'ing a party and you play "Hellraiser" by Sweet. If a person turns up their noise about it in anyway, ask that person to leave the party because they don't like to have fun.

What you'll hear:

Sweet – Hellraiser
Enchanters – High Heeled Roller Skates
Demolition Doll Roads – Maverick Girl
Product Placement – Eyes In My Head
-words from your host-
Vanity – Anticlimax
Blue Cheer – Believer
The Shitdels – To And fro
En Attendant Ana – The Light That Slept Inside
-words from your host-
En Kernigan Band – Put It Out
Billiam – Party Pooper
Lavender Flu – Barbarian Dust
Stonefield – Morning Hours
-words from your host-
The Cowboy – From The Grave
Sex Church - Growing Over
The Gonks – I'm The Lonely Night Driver
The Roves - Hey Little Man
-words from your host-
Fake Rays – The Pits
Toeheads – Glue Factory
Red Mass – Devil In Disquise
The Rain Parade – This Can't Be Today
-words from your host-

Smashin’ Transistors 63: Through clouds like ashes

February 18th, 2020

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is most likely best know for his more joyful and genial poems. The one he wrote for the shortest month of the year, Afternoon In February, as not one of those though. As a matter of fact, it was about death.

Amid the grayness of the skies and all the things wrapped in it though here in the Great Lakes, slogging through it has to be done. Putting together another episode of this fake radio show a bit like setting a fire at such times for yours truly.

What you'll hear:
Dirty Filthy Mud – The Forest Of Black
Quintron – Birthday In Tunisa
Maia Jade and the Uggos – Bozo
The Beauticians – Mental Hygene
-words from your host-
Red Mass – Young Lover
the Ponys – Little Friends
Confusion -
Gino & the Goons – Wrote You A Letter
-words from your host-
Martyr Privates – Peeling The Shade
The Scaners – X Ray Glasses On
The Mirrors – She Smiled Wildly
Pimpono Ensemble- Gliding
-words from your host-
The Cavemen – Guess I Know It's True
Poison Joy – Not Known
Dandee Lions – I Have Been Woke
Bad Weed – Bye Bye Baby
-words from your host-
The Get-Alongs – Nickel City
Brick Distributor -Another Personality
Match Factory – Naive
Gang Of Four – Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time
-works from your host-

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