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Smashin’ Transistors 57: The Dangers Of Really Hard Drugs

October 13th, 2019

After getting home from week one day last week, I decided to put some records on and play them loud. I stepped out to my yard for a sec and my old biker neighbor decided to strike up a conversation with me about the dangers of "really hard drugs."

What you'll hear:

Muffs – I Need You
Psychedelic Speed Freaks
CR Dicks – The End
Julie's Haircut – Emerald Kiss
Phillip Cochran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble – Unity
-words from your host-
Odgens – Plastic Ave
Dan Melchior Group- Plz LuvYrself
Parsnip – Too Late
Truman's Water – Your Boss
Pere Ubu- Heart Of Darkness
-words from your host-
The Hussy – Cornflakes
The Runaways - 18th Floor Girl
Slump - Desire Death Drifter
Kool and the Gang Bangers – He's A Rat
Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes – Little Witch
-words from your host-
Comet Gain - The Institute Debased
Vision 3D – Fannick
Nip Drivers – Hick In The Movie
Rocket 808 – Rocket 808
T. Rex – Rapids
-words from your host-

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