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Smashin’ Podsistors 37: And all of the colors are black

July 15th, 2018

The fish have been biting but adulting has kept me away from finding out for myself. Hell, I've only been to the beach twice this summer.

In this episode 37 there are some Aussies contorting a mid 70's Adult Contemporary smash, the Buzzcocks,  a couple things that cop the Buzzcocks, punk-psych, space-punk, bong-gazers andoodles more.

 What You'll Hear:

Superhelicopter - Rock 'n 'roll Nightmare

Daytime Drugs - Space Station Blues

Compulsive Gamblers - Quit This Town

Carol Jones - Don't Destroy Me

The Lavender Flu - Leaking Past

-Your host speaks-

Slowcoaches - Found Down

Circle Jerks - Operation

Dead Meadow - Nobody Home

Patois Counselors - Terrible Likeness

Tang Soleil - Canadian Son (To Terry Jacks)

-Your host speaks-

Germ House - Crawl Into the Past

Outer Spacist - Gyrfalcon Flight

Rose Mercie - The End of Love

The Shifters - My Little Town

Country Teasers - Points of View

-Your host speaks-

Trash Knife - Locked Out

Liquids - Not Fun

Buzzcocks - Love Battery

Lassie - Zegway Cop

Elton Motello - Pogo Pogo

-Your host speaks-

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